Russian high hat “Murmolka”


Moscow Kingdom XVI-XVII centuries.

100% wool, handmade.
The colors are different.

Traditional headdress of Moscow Streltsy.
Each regiment was assigned a certain color of high hats. Among them there were various shades of red, green, blue and yellow.
High hats of Strelets practically did not differ from folk headdresses. They were felted from colored wool and in the winter versions they were trimmed with fur: for ordinary strelets – sheepskin, and for the “initial people” – sable.
A distinctive sign in the form of a pearl image of a crown was sewn onto the caps of the archery chiefs. The headdresses of the archery standard-bearers had a small opening above the forehead and were not trimmed with fur.




Moscow Kingdom XV-XVII centuries.

100% Wool, handmade.
Trim: Natural fox, polar fox or beaver fur.
The colors are different.

The traditional headdress of the men of the Moscow Kingdom is the Murmolka hat.
Murmolka was a high hat with a round crown tapering upwards and large fur lapels. Lapels were fastened to the crown with two buttons, although rich people preferred to insert precious stones in their place.
Often dapper young people sewed jewelry, expensive buttons, etc. to their hats.
Murmolkas were found in various shades of red, green, blue and yellow.



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